Clinton Appliance & Furniture Co. was started in 1952 by J.A. Williams and the late Lyman Melton Horne Sr.

The business started on College Street as Clinton Appliance & Tire Co. selling tires, appliances and electronics. In the early 1960's, the name was changed to Clinton Appliance & Furniture Co, Inc. A new store was opened on Northeast Blvd. Furniture was added to the mix of products and tires were dropped. In 1985 the business was purchased by the two sons of the original owners. Al Williams and Dwight Horne became the officers and owners of Clinton Appliance & Furniture Co. Also in 1985, the College St. location was closed and all operations were moved to the new expanded N.E. Blvd. location. In 1990, a new warehouse was built at 1420 Hobbton Hwy. In 1998, a new service department addition was added to the warehouse location.


Over the years the product mix has changed. Clinton Appliance & Furniture Co. now sells a complete line of furniture, bedding, electronics including satellite dishes, appliances, floor covering including carpet, vinyl, laminate floor, and hardwood, outdoor power equipment and computers. But, the basic philosophy of company has not changed in it's history. That philosophy is to give name brand products at competitive prices and to give outstanding customer service. Clinton Appliance & Furniture has a 'Low Price Guarantee" in every department and is on the cutting edge of technology with a website, HDTV, digital satellite systems, computers and the most up to date styles in home furnishings today. Clinton Appliance & Furniture stays on the cutting edge of the home furnishings industry and still maintains the attitude that they "Treat you like Family."


"We feel that with our "Low Price Guarantee", our billion dollar buying power through our BrandSource buying group, and our Treat you like Family attitude that we give our customers the best of all worlds in their home furnishings shopping experience. We intend to stay at the forefront of the home furnishings industry and offer our customer the best values in home furnishings for years to come."

A brief history

  • 1952 - Clinton Appliance was originally started as Clinton Appliance & Tire Co.
  • 1960's - Name was changed to the current Clinton Appliance & Furniture Co.
  • 1985 - The business was purchased by Dwight Horne and Al Williams, the two sons of the original owners.
  • 1985 - Current location at N.E. Blvd. was opened. College St. location was closed.
  • 1990 - A new warehouse for Clinton Appliance & Furniture was opened on Hobbton Hwy.
  • 1998 - A new service department was added at the warehouse location.
  • 2006 - After 50 + years, Clinton Appliance & Furniture Co. is still growing strong because of the great products, low price guarantee and because we Treat you like Family